Tall, Dark & True
By Pam Sacknea
Apr 9, 2004 - 10:20:00 AM

Allison Rhodes needed to get away. Her husband's betrayal and death had left her shocked and distraught, unsure of where to go with her life. Sheriff Jase McGraw's reluctant invitation to visit his home in Red Bluff came at the perfect time, and Allison made an impulsive decision to take him up on the offer. She didn't bargain on having to deal with feelings of jealousy regarding Jase's close relationship with the lovely Dr. Maria Youngbear, or on falling in love with the rugged sheriff. Could she ever trust enough to have a second chance with this man, and could she bear to tell Jase the secret about her husband, who was his best friend?

Jase McGraw was less than pleased when his sister cornered him into extending an invitation to Allison Rhodes to visit him at his home in Red Bluff. When Allison took him up on the offer, he could not turn her away. The trouble was, he had always harbored strong feelings for Allison -- feelings which only grew as they shared his home. She was obviously still grieving for her husband, and Jase felt like a heel for wanting the widow of his best friend. When they were forced to care for a young baby whose mother was injured in a car accident, his feelings for Allison were further ignited by the heightened intimacy. Could Jase keep his feelings under control, and avoid causing Allison further pain and grief?


In TALL, DARK & TRUE Karen Rose Smith skillfully weaves a tale of grief, betrayal, insecurities, friendship, and ultimately, love. She takes her characters through a wide range of emotions and guides them to a place where they once again learn to take chances and to love. I found this story to be a thoroughly enjoyable and plausible read, and would recommend it without hesitation. Once again, Ms. Smith has produced another wonderful book!

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