Tall, Dark and Daddy
By Sarah W
Mar 1, 2005 - 12:37:00 AM

Angelyn Winters wants one thing in life: to open her day care center. But before she can do that, she applies to be a temporary nanny for Rick Lawson's four-year-old son Cory. It's perfect timing as Angelyn is selling her current house and needs a place to live until she moves in with her best friend. Rick needs a live in nanny. It seems like they are a match made in heaven.

Rick finds himself drawn to the lovely Angelyn, despite the fact that she's very cautious about revealing too much of herself. He finds that he is very attracted to her, but Rick has vowed never to fall in love after his disastrous marriage to Cory's mother. Angelyn has made a similar vow: she won't marry for anything but love. Her previous marriage was a total failure and she just can't risk putting herself through something like that again, not unless it is for true love.


As Rick and Angelyn become friends, their attraction grows stronger. Just when it seems like Angelyn might capitulate and agree to remain in Rick and Cory's life, something unexpected happens that threatens to tear apart their newfound feelings. Will their love prove to be stronger than the past? You'll have to read TALL, DARK, AND DADDY to find out.


I was very impressed with this story. Strong characters, an equally strong plot, humor, and plenty of budding love prove to be a winning combination for Shara Jones. Rick and Angelyn are two characters that any reader will emphasize with as their problems are things that are all relatable to real life. This is a contemporary story that manages to make even the most mundane aspects of life new and exciting. I especially loved the scenes where Rick and Angelyn were with Cory as he is a really sweet addition to the story. Sometimes, fictional children can come off as annoying or overly cute, but Shara Jones finds a nice balance in the character of young Cory. This is the first story I've read by this author, but I can promise that it won't be my last.

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