Tall, Tatted and Tempting - The Reed Brothers, Book 1

Author: Tammy Falkner

Publisher: Night Shift Publishing

Release Date: June 17, 2013

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5 + RR

Format: EBOOK

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Logan Reed has been deaf since the age of thirteen when a high fever took away his hearing.   He hasn’t spoken since he was made fun of by a child in the park. He and his older brother, Paul, run a tattoo parlor where they produce beautiful works of art.  Logan is used to women falling at his feet because of his tall, good looks.  When a familiar looking female comes in requesting a tattoo, Logan expects her to do the same thing.  When he boldly touches her breast, Logan gets a big surprise when the woman punches him in the nose.

After the woman flees the tattoo shop, Logan realizes that she has dropped a picture that she had wanted to have tattooed on her.  Logan is intrigued and wonders what the meaning is behind the artwork.  He decides to have his brother tattoo the design on his wrist.  

A few days later when Logan is exiting the subway, he stumbles across the woman while she is playing her guitar for money.  He tries to communicate with her by using a dry erase board, but has a difficult time.  He would like to take the woman to dinner, so he grabs her bag and walks off with it.  He leads her to a restaurant where they continue to have a hard time conversing with one another. He learns that the woman’s name is Kit.

Kit appears to be dyslexic and not knowing any other way of conveying information to her, Logan speaks for the first time in years.  He tries to find out more about Kit, but she is reluctant to tell him about herself.  After they eat Logan would like to escort Kit home, but she refuses to let him.  Logan then decides to follow her to find out where she lives.  When they arrive at a homeless shelter that is booked up for the night, Logan comes out of hiding and offers Kit a place to stay.   Kit is reluctant to take Logan up on his offer, but he refuses to take no for an answer.  He resorts to flinging Kit over his shoulder and carrying her to the apartment that he shares with his brothers.  

Kit makes it quite clear that she will not have sex with Logan and he agrees to let her sleep in his bed and he will sleep on the couch. Logan’s brothers do not believe that he will actually sleep on the couch.  Logan has never slept with a woman through the night, and he has never had feelings for any of the women that he has had sex with.

It is apparent that Kit has secrets that she is hiding and she is unwilling to share them with Logan, including her real name.  Will these two be able to find a way to communicate and will Kit learn to trust Logan enough to divulge her secrets to him?

Logan appears to be a real ladies’ man.  He has never had a serious relationship, but Kit has him thinking about changing his ways.  I loved Logan’s character and I found him irresistible.  He goes to great lengths to win Kit’s love and affection.  The fact that he was unable to hear just added to his appeal.

Kit has closed herself off from the world in order to protect herself.  Logan has a heck of a time getting her to open up to him.  I admire her spunk and determination.  When Kit finally opens up about her past, Logan is there for her one hundred percent.  

TALL, TATTED AND TEMPTING is a beautiful tale of finding love in the most unusual of circumstances.  Tammy Falkner is a master story-teller who really knows how to pull on the heartstrings.  I found it impossible to put this exquisite book down.  The storyline and characters will stay in your mind long after you read the last word. TALL, TATTED AND TEMPTING is easily the best book that I have a read in a very long time. This is a Romance Junkies Recommended Read that you do not want to miss!

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Chris Mead

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