By Chrissy Dionne
Nov 1, 2008 - 11:45:46 AM

Katrina Keens has fallen in love but the object of her desire doesn’t appear to feel the same way about her.  She’s taken Professor Derek Jacobson’s courses and been a part of his research team for the past two years.  The tension between them is overwhelming when they’re alone together and yet he steadily refuses to go beyond a teacher/student relationship.  Katrina doesn’t understand what the problem is and it’s breaking her heart.

Katrina’s had every advance she’s made toward Derek summarily rejected even ones that are seemingly only offered in friendship.  Humiliated and on the verge of tears she rushes across campus to her flat hoping to have a good cry in private.  Only her one woman pity party isn’t gong to happen, her best friend Trista is there waiting for her.  Trista’s status as a Domme means that she moves in different circles than Katrina does sometimes and because of that she knows a secret about Professor DJ that Katrina isn’t privy too.  He’s a Dom!


Katrina admits that various aspects about the BDSM lifestyle intrigue her but there are some that horrify her as well.  One thing she does know is that she’ll do anything for an opportunity to be with him – including stepping out of her own comfort zone and entrusting herself to his care.  Of course Derek won’t know it’s her though.  She intends to attend the masked All Hallows Ball, the biggest sex party of the year, and prays that he’ll also be in attendance.  Katrina and Trista have done everything possible to ensure that he’ll also be at the party.  Fortunately he does show up and seems to be very interested in her.  Will Katrina be prepared for her nice, mild mannered professor to step into the role of a strict Dom?  Will he still be the man of her dreams once the masks come off?


Lynne Maris’s TAMED delves into what is normally considered a huge taboo – the student/teacher love affair.  Add a BDSM angle and this is one smoldering story that I couldn’t resist.  Katrina’s harbored her feelings for Derek for years and they’ve only grown stronger over time.  Derek’s careful to keep from crossing over the line with Katrina even though it’s obvious that he does feel something for her.  Once they’re safely disguised though they’re free to act on their impulses – even if he isn’t 100% positive that the woman dressed as Kitty is his ‘Kat.’  TAMED is fast past, full of emotional turmoil and lots of hot sweaty sex and rather interesting use of adult ‘toys.’


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