Taming Delaney
By Nickie Langdon
Apr 7, 2007 - 5:54:00 PM

Delaney’s marriage to Raphael could be compared to an unstable volcano. The eruptions were many and they eventually destroyed their relationship within a few short months. She needed stability as well as a lover and Master but he didn’t offer that to her. Now she’s found Max, the man who will provide that stability. But can she live in the vanilla world that he offers her?

Raphael will do whatever is necessary to keep Delaney from making the mistake of her life. What better way to start his campaign than to appear on her doorstep and ask for a place to stay until Max returns from his business trip.


Delaney wants nothing to do with Rayf. He’s addictive and she doesn’t know if she can resist him. One little touch or taste and she’d be lost forever. She has to fight the attraction as much as he pushes it.


They agree to a cup of coffee and a long talk to set the ground rules that’ll be in effect while he bunks in at her place. On the sofa, of course. He has more than coffee and talk on his mind. He’s banking on one night with her to convince her he’s right about her impending marriage.


Reese Gabriel continues to amaze me with his ability to dig deep into the hearts and minds of his characters. He places the reader right in the middle of things, watching his characters as they struggle. TAMING DELANEY is one of his best.


We don’t always really want what we think we do. Also, what we think is the best way is not always the best. Raphael proves both of those statements true as he takes Delaney on a journey of domination and submission that she craves. She goes willingly into and puts her desires and passion into his hands.


What about Poor Max? The twists in this story will leave you with a smile. It’s a highly recommended read. It contains elements of BDSM and not recommended for anyone under eighteen, of course.

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