Taming Him
By Chrissy Dionne
Mar 5, 2007 - 4:56:00 PM

FEVER by Kimberly Dean

Delia Jenkins has only been working for Lloyd Security Systems for two months. Catching a bug that gives her a skyrocketing fever is a huge inconvenience. She tries to work but Rob convinces her that she’d recuperate better if she went home and took care of herself. On the way out of the office she practically stumbles into her boss, Jackson Lloyd. He is none too pleased to see her in Rob's care.

Rob promises to stop by Delia’s apartment to check on her later so she’s not surprised when she’s awakened by the arousing voice and caress of a man whom she’s sure will be able to help douse the incredible heat that has her practically delirious. Will she come to regret anything she experiences during this night of incredible heat?

Kimberly Dean does an incredible job creating a scenario where having a raging fever is unbelievably sexy. While being so ill and having a brain cell frying fever is no laughing matter, Delia’s lack of inhibitions which is caused by the fever is downright funny. There’s no shortage of suggestive ways to cool down a heated body in this smoldering tale but I can guarantee it’ll raise your body temperature a notch or two.


PERFECTION by Summer Devon

Bryan thought nothing of agreeing to be a lab rat in exchange for an extraordinary amount of money, until the experiment went very wrong. The experiment had unexpected results and suddenly he’s irresistible to women. Now he’s running from the throngs of women who desire him and the goons who are determined to learn the secret to the essence he exudes... it could be worth millions.

While on the run, Bryan meets Allie, a late night waitress at a diner. He’s immediately attracted to her but fears any attraction she feels for him may be a direct result of his the experiment. The goons who are after Bryan decide that they'd like Allie to visit their facilitiles for some testing. This is something that Bryan has no intention of allowing. Somewhere out there is the perfect woman and having sex with her will cure him of this affliction. Can Allie possibly be the cure to what ails him?

Summer Devon turns the male fantasy of being irresistible to women into a nightmare in this little gem of a story. I could just visualize this poor guy being mobbed by women and his fear that Allie will do the same thing. I loved the way Allie and Bryan form a bond and vow to help each other. Among such chaos their relationship is gentle and sweet and of course, very hot!


TAMING HIM by Michelle M. Pillow

When Maggie Stewart’s car dies on a deserted road she tries to convince herself that there is no such thing as alien abductions. Unfortunately the flying saucer and the gorgeous alien who emerges from it appear to be very real. As he approaches the car Maggie tries to lock the doors but the locks refuse to stay down. He finally opens the door and she screams to no avail. The alien touches her and instead of fear, she’s filled with longing and hope.

Vladei has waited a long time to find his companion. He wants badly to have someone in his quarters to return home to each night. He believes that the gods sent him to her... all she has to do is tame the dragon in order for her to become his wife.

Michelle M. Pillow tells a thoroughly exciting tale in TAMING HIM. Readers will easily be able to understand the emotional plight that both characters are going through during this story. If you're curious about what it means to tame the dragon, well I suggest you read this story. You’ll get a kick out of the significance of that particular statement, I know I sure did.


Kimberly Dean, Summer Devon and Michelle M. Pillow will have your senses rioting with the three thrilling tales in their anthology TAMING HIM. Each story is extremely different and packed with raw emotions and exciting situations. The men are unforgettably hot and you can’t help but adore the women who are bold enough to claim them. Every story is a delight to read and will have readers searching for more books by each of these authors. All three of these stories have been previously released as e-books though Ellora’s Cave.

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