Taming Marie Antoinette

Author: Tilly Greene

Publisher: Phaze Books

Release Date: October 2007

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5

Format: EBOOK

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Paris, France

James Michaud and his twin brother Thornton aren’t looking for a happily ever after.   They simply want a woman who’s willing to share in their enjoyment of the carnal arts and they’re hopeful that one of the partygoers at the ‘Depravity Dance’ will spark an interest.   What they didn’t anticipate was a very sexy Marie Antoinette or her straightforward demeanor.

Marie Antoinette, AKA Liana Trudeau, has recently moved to Paris.   She’s working with a major museum as a curator for a special exhibition on fashion though the ages.   She can’t afford to let sexual frustration impede her job performance.   Attending the ‘Depravity Dance’ in costume presents her with the perfect opportunity to satisfy her own needs without having to worry about having any strings attached.   She just hadn’t counted on James and Thornton offering her exactly the kind of sexual satisfaction she desires.


James and Thornton’s only goal in attending the annual fall bash is to find a sexual partner for the evening.   Before they even truly begin to search James spots a woman dressed as Marie Antoinette and immediately feels that she is the woman who can satisfy their needs tonight - and enjoy doing so.   Liana is more than up for the kind of evening James and Thornton are offering – but only for one night.   She’s in Paris on a working visa and romantic entanglements could make life very difficult.  


It soon becomes apparent that James, Thornton and Liana have the beginnings of what could be a beautiful relationship.   The morning following their night of bliss she disappears leaving nothing but the bell from her powdered wig behind.   James and Thornton make it their mission to find their Marie Antoinette, and once they do they discover that she’s almost impossible to tame to their wishes – but they’re definitely going to enjoy pulling out all the stops to ensure they’re successful at TAMING MARIE ANTOINETTE.


Tilly Greene’s TAMING MARIE ANTOINETTE captures the thrill of finding that special someone (or two - as the case may be) when it’s least expected.   I absolutely loved James and Thornton’s attempts at controlling Liana and how she does exactly what she wants anyway.   Of course there are repercussions for her actions - but why would you be good when being naughty has such delightful results?   This is a fun, passion-filled tale that quickly draws the reader in and keeps you smiling right through to the end.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Chrissy Dionne

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