Tangled Up In You
By Rosie Bindra
Sep 3, 2007 - 8:39:35 AM

True crime writer Maddie Dupree is returning home to Truly,
Idaho to write about the one story that made the biggest impact in her life; her own. Orphaned twenty-nine years ago when her mother was murdered by the wife of the man she was seeing, Maddie’s come back to Truly to connect with a woman she never really knew and to uncover the truth behind the deadly night that ended the life of not only her mother, but also her mother’s boyfriend and his wife’s.

Mick Hennessy will do anything in his power to ensure Maddie doesn’t write her story. As the child of the man Maddie’s mother was seeing, it was his mother who shot and killed his father along with Maddie’s mother before turning the gun on herself. The more he sees Maddie though, the more he likes her. Their attraction is enough to make a bystander blush, but Maddie hasn’t confessed all to Mick. What happens when Mick discovers Maddie’s not only a writer, but also the daughter of the woman who was the cause of so much pain to his family?


The third book in a series about four author friends, TANGLED UP IN YOU is an emotional roller coaster ride that will have you begging to stay on. Maddie and Mick are unforgettable characters you’ll become invested in. Considering the dark tone of a murder-suicide being the bases of the story, it’s surprisingly humorous, sexy, romantic and even has a touch of intrigue. Rachel Gibson conveys her characters emotions beautifully and makes you really feel what they’re going through. This was only my second book by the talented author but I plan on making a trip to the bookstore to fix that. If you don’t have her there already, be sure to add Ms. Gibson to your buy list. You won’t be disappointed.

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