By Phyllis Ingram
Feb 12, 2004 - 1:29:00 PM

Kendall Masterson is a twenty-five year old who is just getting her life back together, after being in a rehabilitation center for a year.  She had to learn how to walk again and regain the use of her right arm, as the nerves in her shoulder had been badly burned in the car crash, and she still had visible scars.  Kendall turned her whole family and her fiancé, Darren, against her during her rehabilitation period, but did not turn her boss and friend, Greg away.  Greg and his wife considered Kendall the daughter that they never had and loved her unconditionally.  Never had black-white issues come up between them.  Kendall had been responsible for opening his eyes to the richness of black history and expanding the gallery’s acquisitions to honor it.

Captain Joseph Stewart is an airline pilot with previous military service of twelve years.  He is forty-years old and unmarried.  Joseph’s friend, another pilot, Russ and his wife, Sara constantly introduced him to women, but Joseph had no interest. One of the flight attendants,  Gabrielle is very much interested in him, but he kept brushing her off.  When Joseph saw Kendall at the Museum of African-American History, he was taken with her and asked Sara to introduce him to Kendall.


Joseph offers to give Kendall a ride home, but when she saw his small car, she became paralyzed with fear, and  ran back inside the Museum to find Greg.  Since the accident, Kendall mostly used taxicabs, as a mode of transportation.  If she rides with Greg, then she needs to ride in the back seat so that she does not get motion sickness.  Once Joseph discovers this information, he is determined to help Kendall overcome her fears.  This man is a gem. 


TANGO was a wonderful love story that I enjoyed immensely.  Kendall is a brave soul who overcomes many of her fears. Joseph is a man you would definitely want to lean on, both in bed and out.  I absolutely love the way Kimberley White writes and look forward to reading and reviewing her next novel.


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