Tarnished Dreams

Author: Tricia McGill

Publisher: Scheherazade Tales

Release Date: currently not available

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5

Format: PRINT

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Sally Frank fell in love with Mackenzie (Mac) Boswell when she was only eight years old. Mac was fifteen and since then Sally has always followed him around, so much that she is referred to as Mac's shadow. Their friendship and love for animals is so strong, her feelings for him so sure that Sally totally believes that they would be married one day. But on her seventeenth birthday, Sally discovers that Matt has betrayed her and she is so heart-broken that she refuses to believe him when he denies it. She just cannot bear to live in the small Tasmanian town any more and leaves Apple Isle to go to Melbourne where she becomes a successful senior sales lady.

When her stepfather dies in an accident, Sally comes back to her town for the funeral. She is stunned to know that the wounds that she considers healed, are fresh and bleeding again. She just cannot seem to avoid Mac, who seems determined to convince her of his innocence. Now that she has moved on with her life, now that she has a great job and a nice apartment in the city, can she go back to what she was? Can she resist Mac's love and his lovemaking? Can she hope and dream of a life with Matt again?

TARNISHED DREAMS is a story of shattered hopes and how they are rebuilt. The misunderstandings that Sally believes in, the anguish that she suffers and the misery that Mac goes through are sure to bring a sob out of the most hardened heart. The feelings portrayed throughout the book definitely will make you respond to them. Besides the high-strung emotion, the clashes and blood-heating attraction between Matt and Sally are decidedly the high point of the story line. The lush passion between the main characters is expertly depicted by Tricia McGill. The secondary characters are also involved in the story and this fact makes the story perfect and worth reading.

TARNISHED DREAMS will positively not leave your dreams tarnished.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Dee Herga

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