By Sarah W
Dec 14, 2012 - 6:32:05 PM

Jules Lamprey is a successful business owner and baker with her bakery, Tart. She has not made a lot of time in her life for relationships but when Gideon Carter moves back to town to help his grandfather with his farm, Jules feels a big spark, a feeling Gideon reciprocates. Gideon has a failed marriage behind him but he is ready to move forward with Jules.

The only person not thrilled by Jules and Gideon’s sudden sparks is Cal Whaley, a local lawyer in town and a good friend of Jules. He has long harbored feelings for Jules but he has been afraid to act on them for fear he will ruin their friendship. Cal cannot sit on the sidelines any longer though, or he will lose Jules forever. When he makes his intentions known, she is not happy. How can she choose between two men she cares for? Then Gideon proposes something unexpected. She does not have to choose. They can all be in a relationship together. Jules does not know how it will work out but she is going to give it a try.

TART is a new book in Lauren Dane’s DELICIOUS series which follows her BROWN SIBLINGS series. While not imperative that you know the characters from the previous stories, it definitely adds another layer of friendship and family to the story. Lauren Dane is a smoking hot writer and that shows in TART. Cal, Gideon and Jules have a very different dynamic together and it is definitely not a conventional relationship except, when it comes to the important parts like love and commitment, it is as conventional as it comes. Jules truly loves both Cal and Gideon and they love her. This is definitely a book about a three way relationship but if you know Lauren Dane, you know she can make it work. While incredibly sexy, there is an edge of realism here as Jules faces censure from her family, particularly her brother, who does not understand her new relationship and frankly, does not want to. Likewise, Jules has fears of her own when it comes to Gideon and Cal. Will they eventually tire of her? What about starting a family? You will have to read to discover how these characters sort it out but it is a story well worth exploring. TART is adventuresome romance with a nice edge to it. It is sweetness and spice combined for great storytelling.

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