Tasting Candy
By Sarah W
Jun 1, 2008 - 1:11:03 PM

Blade Vaughn wants one woman, and one woman only: Candice Warner. Ever since he met her at his brother’s office, she has been on his mind constantly. Blade is usually never afraid to go after a woman and show her how much he wants her, but Candice’s shy demeanor and air of fragility hold him back. When he witnesses her having a panic attack, he feels helpless. All he wants to do is hold her in his arms and make things better for her. But that is easier said than done, especially when he finds out why Candy is panicking.

Candy’s ideal man is Blade Vaughn. Too bad she seems to make a fool of herself whenever he is around. When she panics at the gym, she is embarrassed and sure Blade could never want her. Candy has a hidden trauma that makes confessing her feelings for Blade very difficult. But she is starting to realize that if she wants Blade to see her as a self-assured and sexy woman, she is going to have to try to move forward with her life.


The heated attraction between Blade and Candy is sexy enough to swoon over, but it is only when Candy finally puts her trust in Blade that their relationship truly takes form. TASTING CANDY is a sizzler! I absolutely adored Blade. He is hard-headed, macho, nervous around a woman’s tears, but oh so enchanted with Candy, even when she believes she is at her worst. Candy is a character who gains confidence through Blade, through their intimate moments, and through the laughter and tears they shared. She is much stronger than she gives herself credit for and I loved how, despite her doubts, she really put herself out there for Blade and their developing relationship. I will admit to a certain fondness for very macho men and Blade definitely fits that bill, but he is also compassionate, frustrating, and of course, a tad unsure of the female mind. These characteristics combined with Candy’s emerging feminine powers make for intriguing reading. TASTING CANDY is a story that ends way too quickly! You will enjoy every moment spent with these characters and surely be on the lookout for future Anne Rainey stories. TASTING CANDY is decadently delicious!

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