Tasty Treats Volume 2
By Noelle
Jul 10, 2009 - 11:50:17 AM

BACK IN HER BED by Leah Brooke


Emily Peterson was madder then a wet cat. Her MIA husband Jack had suddenly decided to saunter his rodeo ridin’ way back into her life, after being gone for three months. Fighting to stay strong and hold to her guns, will Emily be able to maintain her resolve, or will Jack manage to charm his way back into her life?


Jack Manning was ticked as he could be. First, he busted his butt trying to make enough money on the rodeo circuit to get his new wife’s ranch out of financial trouble, and what does the ungrateful female do? Changes her number! Refuses to talk to him! Then slaps him with divorce papers when he finally tracks her down! So what does a determined cowboy do? Remind the stubborn little hothead of just how good things were between them, and keep right on reminding her till she doesn’t forget again!


I loved Jack right from the start! Emily had a few too many issues as far as I was concerned, but the story was fantastic! I loved his determination to get her back, and I really liked that he didn’t give up no matter how many obstacles she threw at him. BACK IN HER BED was just a fantastic story!




Alana had an excess of riches. As the daughter of a wealthy rancher, she pretty much could do whatever she wanted, and what she wanted was to have a good time with her boyfriend Dirk. But lately she had been noticing another handsome cowboy, Rayne. Would Dirk be willing to let Rayne in on their arrangement, or would his desire for more then Alana was able to give ruin their relationship?


Rayne was a man on the run from his past. He had found a safe haven working at the Grainger ranch, but his attraction for sexy Alana was getting to be more then he could resist. When Alana returns his feelings, will he have the strength to do the right thing?


BACK FOR MORE was a very hot story. I really liked the rather unconventional relationship that Alana and Dirk had. I loved how he was willing to do anything for her, but still kept his backbone instead of letting Alana walk all over him. Rayne was a very complex character, and was a bit more attractive then Dirk, at least to me. The scenes between the three of them were very steamy, and the ending of the story was just perfect! Very well done!




Natalie was a woman who wanted to make amends. When she discovered that her boyfriend was a former porn star, she had dumped him. A year later, she regrets her actions, and wants him back, but he wants nothing to do with her. When a freak snowstorm strands them together at his cabin for the weekend, will she be able to get through to him, apologize, and recreate the relationship they had?


Levi was a man burned by love. A pro football player with two Superbowl rings to his credit, his career was destroyed when his shocking past in adult entertainment came to light. Not only was his career destroyed, but the woman he had loved more then anything left him. When she showed up a year later to cater his party, would he be able to take the opportunity presented to exact his revenge? Will they be able to move on and make a new relationship?


I love it when a woman can admit that she has made a mistake, and is not afraid to do what she needs to in order to get back the man she loves. Natalie was that kind of woman, and the attraction between Jack and her was so hot it was almost volcanic. Even though she had hurt him, Jack still had feelings for her, but he was not going to give into them if he could help it. BACK IN THE SADDLE was a fantastic story of love and forgiveness, and was just an all around awesome read.


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