Taxes and Tardis
By Gayle
Jul 1, 2012 - 8:35:01 AM

Brent Kelly is a self-employed electrician. He has few interests in life besides his job, his friends and finding the next guy to occupy his bed. That all changes when tax season rolls around and he’s forced to take his shoe box, stuffed with disorganized receipts, to a new accountant when his becomes ill. Logan Willis isn’t anything like he expected. He’s a science fiction loving, geeky kind of guy with a gentle English accent, and his TARDIS blue shirt drives Brent nuts. He’s so attracted to Logan that he’s actually tongue-tied, and that never happens to Brent.

Brent can’t stop thinking about Logan and when he finally gets up the courage to phone him, he’s thrilled to discover his attraction isn’t one-sided. He and Logan are as different as different can be, but they fit together perfectly. That doesn’t mean that everyone in their lives is happy. Logan’s sister doesn’t think he’s good enough and Brent’s friend Marty is trying to break them up. Will they let others determine their destiny by driving them apart, or will they fight to stay together?

TAXES AND TARDIS is part of the A MIND IS A SEXY THING series; this one is by N.R. Walker. It’s the first book by this author that I’ve read, but it certainly won’t’ be the last. As soon as I saw the title I was intrigued. I mean what else could TARDIS mean except the Time and Relative Dimension in Space phone booth/spaceship from Dr. Who? I had to read it.

This is a cute story of opposites attracting. Really opposite. Brent’s outgoing. He’s a jock type and a skilled tradesman, while Logan’s a businessman—a quiet, geeky accountant, who loves science fiction and Dr. Who, in particular. As a long term fan of the series, I enjoyed all the references. The author did a great job of weaving them into the plot. They made me chuckle as I remembered scenes from past shows, but you certainly don’t need to have seen Dr. Who to enjoy this well written romantic release.

I like how tongue-tied Brent is on meeting Logan. His reaction is believable. It’s also sweet and endearing, and when he’s enthralled with Logan’s TARDIS blue shirt, I couldn’t help but smile. They’re both unsettled initially and that made getting them together all the more realistic. They’re uncomfortable and have their doubts. Good job, Ms. Walker. Who hasn’t felt those same emotions when you wanted to make a good impression on a new date? I love it when an author is spot-on in expressing characters’ emotions.

If you enjoy fun romances guaranteed to put a smile on your face, I suggest you give this little gem a try. The bantering dialogue is entertaining, the sex sizzling hot and the few secondary characters add a bit of needed conflict. So bottom line. If the cute cover doesn’t convince you to buy it, take it from me, give it a try. Enjoy!

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