Teacher's Pet
By Teagan
Jan 1, 2010 - 12:48:21 PM

Taylor McBain loves to teach and is happy to have obtained a replacement first grade teacher position after an unfortunate accident put their regular teacher out of commission. She is taken by surprise when she is given an invitation to join Randy, her student, and his father, Ian, for a home cooked dinner. Ian and Taylor have a past. She is pretty certain Ian doesn’t know who he is sending the invite to as he wouldn’t have sent the invitation if he had realized inviting Taylor would bring back feelings from the past.

Taylor had left home to go off to get her college degree, leaving Ian back home. With a chance to clear the air and start fresh, Ian and Taylor reminisce about what went wrong and where this new opportunity could lead.


This is a wonderful story about a second chance at love. The realism of the characters was something I could relate to as a reader. Taylor and Ian could easily be people you could run into on any given day. I think any person can empathize with Taylor’s reluctance to pick back up with Ian when she isn’t sure why their relationship ended in the first place.


Ms. O’Reilly did a good job with TEACHER'S PET. I would be willing to read Taylor and Ian’s sensual tale again, and definitely recommend it as a book to read. 

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