Teacher's Pet
By Contessa
Apr 1, 2005 - 9:37:00 PM

Javen Manning decided to end her fourteen month relationship with a very loving and compassionate man who proposed marriage to her, because she felt something was missing from her life.  Javen longed for a great passion that would overpower her and set her soul on fire-something she has yet to experience in her love life.  After several months of loneliness, Javen was beginning to regret her decision of not accepting the marriage proposal.  That was until she met one of her favorite student's father, Devlin Jordan.  This tall, blue-eyed devil quickly increased her sexual desires with just one look.

Devlin was pleasantly shocked to find his daughter's teacher a very beautiful, sexy, milk-chocolate-colored skin, full-figured woman.  Devlin immediately set out to seduce and form a loving, lasting relationship with the charming Javen Manning; however, Javen had different ideas.  She only wanted a short-term, no commitment relationship with Devlin.  Determined to change Javen's mind, Devlin gives her the passionate, spell-binding sexual relationship she had been dreaming about while slowly trying to convince her that they belong together, and that he is not just a teacher's pet.


TEACHER'S PET by Marilyn Lee is a terrific erotic romance story about two equally strong-willed people from different ethic backgrounds who are not afraid to act upon their passionate sexual attraction for one another.  Devlin is determined to make Javen submit to his dominate sexual nature, while Javen is equally determined not to submit to Devlin and stick to her plan of having a non-committed affair before settling down with Mr. Right.


TEACHER'S PET will leave you breathless with desire and will set your blood on fire.  I truly enjoyed reading this spicy romance and it is a must read for all who believe in love regardless of ethnic differences.


 NOTE: This review was written when this title was released through a different publisher - this book has since been  rerelased through Ellora's Cave

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