Teacher's Pet
By Jennifer Wardrip
Oct 13, 2005 - 7:10:00 PM

Short and to the point, this teaser of a story will have you turned inside out in no time.

Marci Findlay is a teacher; elementary school during the day, and adult education at night. Lately, something’s been missing from her personal life. Namely, a man; a man who can provide her with some entertainment of the sexual variety.


Marci has secluded herself in her brother’s cabin, anxiously awaiting the "package" that she’s bought and paid for. The company she went with came highly recommended, and she is prepared to meet her big, strong, flesh-and-blood man she’s purchased to pleasure her.


It’s hard to tell a lot about this story without giving you the entire plot. It’s only 21 pages long, but in those same pages you meet a straight-laced teacher and a detective on the hunt for a killer.


You also get to indulge your fantasies regarding the bathtub, of bondage, and of spanking. All in all, if you’ve got fifteen minutes to spare, and the need for a little pick-me-up, TEACHER’S PET is bound to please.


NOTE: This title in also availble in the print book entitled CAITLYN'S KISSES

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