Teacher's Pet
By Angel
Feb 4, 2008 - 4:44:36 PM

Javen Manning enjoys her job as a teacher.   When Devlin, the father of one of her students, starts to make advances, Javen is worried about how it will look to everyone else.   However, Devlin’s determination is not to be underestimated and Javen figures that there is no harm as long as the relationship stays physical.   Devlin wants a lifetime commitment, will Javen be able to resist?

Devlin Jordan is head over hills the moment he meets his daughter’s teacher.   Javen is resistant, but Devlin is certain he can change her mind.   Things seem to be going perfectly when Javen drops the bomb, a physical relationship only and nothing more.   Well, Devlin loves a challenge and he will do everything in his power to make Javen see that they belong together in every way possible.


TEACHER’S PET is a re-release of an incredible Marilyn Lee novel.   Javen is an excellent character and has many hang-ups that she must swim through in order to have the man she wants.   Devlin gets major credit for being patient and sensitive to Javen’s needs and even though he has no intent to follow her wishes, he does set out to prove his love.   There are some beguiling love scenes and Devlin is a man who knows how to turn up the heat.   Marilyn Lee fans will want to pick up this newly revised edition for their collection and those who haven’t had the pleasure of reading her work will definitely be fans after reading TEACHER’S PET.

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