Oh Yum! Teaching Molly
By katie
Jul 1, 2008 - 2:09:09 PM

Molly Gerard has come to a neighbor’s Fourth of July cookout, but rather be home alone. Ever since her husband left her for a younger woman, Molly has been depressed. Now she is a middle aged divorcee with no sex life. Even when she was married, sex was so dull and the erotic reading material her friend has given her doesn’t help matters. As she settles back to watch the fireworks display, she is in shock when a handsome young man decides to sit next to her.

Nick Trajan thinks Molly is the sexiest woman he has seen in a long time. Age doesn’t matter to him and he would like nothing better than to create some fireworks with her. Molly thinks he is just being polite, but then he invites her back to his place for a drink. Since Molly doesn’t want the night to end with Nick, she goes back with him and he shows her how much he enjoys an older woman like herself.

Molly has the best sex ever and the pleasure Nick gives her is unlike anything could have imagined. But Nick has a secret fetish and that is the S&M scene. Is Molly willingly to become part of that world Nick wants to show her or go back to her boring middle aged life with no sex?

If you are a fan of a younger man romancing an older woman, then you must read TEACHING MOLLY! Molly can’t understand why a man like Nick who is ten years younger than she would be attractive to a woman like herself. Molly is in a sad place and her self esteem is very low, but when Nick comes along and sweeps her off her feet and into his bed, it is wonderful.

Desiree Holt can sure writing some fabulous sex scenes and the way Nick treats Molly is so beautiful and lovely. Even when Nick brings Molly into his world of S&M, those scenes are also very surprising and full of trust. Nick is one character who will not disappoint in the least.

TEACHING MOLLY was a pleasure to read and with a great character like Nick, you can go wrong!

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