Teardrop Lane - Eternity Springs, Book 9
By Diana S
Mar 24, 2015 - 6:24:28 PM

Dr. Rose Anderson is the Eternity Springs town physician. The town was very lucky when she moved there and set up her practice. Rose has had a lot of heartache in her life, cancer being the most life changing. She always wanted a family but has resigned herself to not having any children. When a drop dead gorgeous man walks into her clinic carrying his charge in his arms, Rose realizes it has been too long since she has been in a relationship with a man.

Hunter "Hunt" Cicero is a sexy, brooding artist who has moved into town to open a glass blowing shop. His sister of the heart has passed away and left him as guardian to her four children. Being a confirmed bachelor, Hunt doesn't know how to be a parent but that doesn't keep him from doing what is right and trying to take care of the kids. When one of the boys falls and breaks his arm, Hunt takes him to the local clinic. When he meets Dr. Rose, he is instantly attracted and wants a chance to get to know her better. Hunt is a passionate man who has been without female companionship too long.

Rose is very interested in Hunt but is not sure about getting into a relationship without revealing all her secrets. Rose is immediately drawn to the motherless kids and decides she wants to get to know them better. What happens when Rose and Hunt start sharing their secrets and their lives together is a story that keeps you on the edge of your seat until finally getting to the breath-taking ending and then you don't want it to end.

As always EMILY MARCH has brought us a heart-stopping, emotional story. When I was growing up I remember being fascinated by the glass blower in the marvelous little towns we visited in the Rockies. Bringing together the children and a heart sore doctor who needs a family of her own, adds to the tale that makes you laugh and cry on almost every other page. I read the last page and just had to sit and wonder at the drama of it all. I enthusiastically give this book 5 Blue Ribbons plus a Recommended Read on the Romance Junkie's website because it deserves it. My eyes are tearing up as I remember this wonderful story of love, family, and the miracle of Eternity Springs. Be sure to have plenty of tissues close at hand when you read your copy.

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