Teardrop Lane
By Dottie
Feb 6, 2015 - 5:50:35 PM

Heartbreak has caused small town physician Rose Anderson to give up on her dreams of love and children of her own. She watches the women around her in Eternity Springs find their special someone, even as the same thing eludes her. Still, outwardly she gives the impression that she is happy, but inside she has a heavy heart. Then a new man in town brings four rambunctious children to her office and she soon discovers she is losing her heart to them.

Hunter Cicero is a brilliant artist with a unique talent for glass blowing. He loves his work and is happy with his single status, but he puts everything aside when he discovers that his beloved "sister" whom he met in a foster home is dying. With her passing, he scrambles to get her four children settled with the couple she wanted to raise them. When things do not go as planned, Cicero steps up and takes the children home with him. Along the way, he encounters Rose when one of the children becomes ill and he is forced to rush them to the doctor's office. Cicero convinces Rose to go out with him and soon discovers that she makes him feel things he has never felt before. But Rose has been hurt in the past and Cicero is not used to commitment.  Will the magical town of Eternity Springs work its healing power on them and turn them into a family?

A heartwarming tale, TEARDROP LANE, the ninth book in New York Times bestselling author Emily March's ETERNITY SPRINGS series, is a beautifully written, witty contemporary romance that will touch your heart. Cicero and Rose are wonderful together and the children add a special quality to the story. Eternity Springs is a close-knit town that believes in the magic of love and it seems that the residents have their own angel in Celeste Blessing, who is always there to offer advice and give a helping hand while prompting them to appreciate God's blessings. This small town had once been on the verge of dying off until Celeste appeared and turned things around.

A phenomenal storyteller, Ms. March has the unique ability to bring her three dimensional characters to life. She relates her hero and heroine's stories while weaving the characters from the previous ETERNITY SPRINGS novels into their lives in such a way that readers almost feel like these are people they know. I have read all of the stories in this series and I have never been disappointed. Each novel is a treasure and I hated to see them end. An uplifting story, brimming with humor, friendship and love, TEARDROP LANE is absolutely delightful! Pick up a copy today and discover Ms. March's world of ETERNITY SPRINGS for yourself. I recommend it!

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