Tease Me
By Natalie
Mar 16, 2010 - 1:55:34 AM

Online blogger Lacey Richards is actually a true crime novelist.  At the moment, she is also single and has given up plans to find love after getting hurt, once more, in a relationship.  Because she has no plans to date anytime soon, Lacey posts her fantasies and sexual cravings on an anonymous online blog.  It is just a way for her to get her mind off of the fact that she has given up on love and a happily ever after.  And then something happens.

Lacey’s neighbor across the way, Byron Hawthorne, is a carpenter.  He left the bright lights of the big city to settle in the South and become a carpenter.  Night after night Byron reads the online sexual desires of an anonymous blogger.  Her thoughts and words on the page entice and keep him spellbound.  Byron finally puts two and two together and realizes that his beautiful neighbor, Lacey Richards is his woman.  So what does he do? He offers to give her the fantasies she’s dreamed of – in the flesh. 


But Byron isn’t the only one desiring to please Lacey.  There is another more sinister than can be imagined who wants Lacey for his own, and he is willing to do anything to make that come true. 


TEASE ME is one hot novel, that’s for sure.  Not only are fantasies explored but the reader is taken into the world of Byron and Lacey.  Their sexual exploration of each other is truly remarkable and I found myself enthralled by each and every scene.  Byron’s feelings for Lacey are more than apparent; after all, he loved and desired her before he knew who she was.  After he found out, well, that was just gravy.  Lacey was a bit more reticent.  She had given up on love and had no intentions of giving up her heart again to any man – I am so glad she changed her mind.


Suspenseful and sexually risqué, TEASE ME will definitely tempt and tease the reader page by page.  Add in Tracy Wolff’s unique writing style and love of alpha heroes and strong heroines and TEASE ME is definitely a must read.  Or, in my case, a must-read over and over kind of story!


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