Tech Support
By Robin Snodgrass
Feb 5, 2007 - 5:51:00 PM


Aaron is, to say the least, very shy. However, he is a technical wizard when it comes to computers.  Aaron designs websites in his spare time and has recently started working as a member of the IT staff in a large company. Although he would prefer to blend into the background in any situation, he knows this is impossible with his beautiful green eyes and remarkable red hair.

Yoshiki Fukui, one of the top executives at the same company, is the exact opposite.  He can easily charm anyone but destroys computers on a regular basis.  When his latest laptop develops a problem, the tech department sends new guy Aaron to deal with it.  Aaron is instantly taken with Ki but he does not have any idea how to deal with what he's feeling.  When Ki asks Aaron for help setting up the ultimate, top of the line entertainment center, will Aaron be able to resist anything Ki proposes?  What exactly is Ki expecting from Aaron?

TECH SUPPORT brings two extremely different characters into a relationship that neither was expecting.  The chemistry between Ki and Aaron is obvious at their first meeting. The sexual tension builds with each subsequent contact.  Jet Mykles' descriptions of Aaron's insecurities and anxieties are well written and easy to relate to, especially if you have ever been shy.  In the beginning, Ki comes across as brash and a bit flashy, but later proves that he possesses the depth of character that initially attracted Aaron. The emotional and sexual aspects of the relationship are well written.  The reader will be drawn into this engaging tale. The love scenes are extremely erotic and sexually satisfying.  This is a strong romance with steamy sex scenes that will leave you breathless and wanting more.  Be advised, you should have a fan on hand to cool you down, as well as a box of tissues in case you are like me and your emotions are caught up in this wonderful romance.

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