Magnificant Men of Munich - Teddi Turns On

Author: Sloane Taylor

Publisher: Aspen Mountain Press

Release Date: June 20, 2008

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5

Format: EBOOK

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Teddi Howard's travel agency is in financial trouble. All because the Munich tour operator who reneged on a group tour that would have made her company a tidy profit. While visiting Germany, she fully intends to confront the little weasel about his business practices. Teddi's been a widow for the past three years. Her friends are encouraging her to let go of her deceased husband and move on with life and love.

German Businessman, David Stiefel, has his hands full dealing with his cousin's horrid business practices. Stiefel, Ltd. needs to expand and therefore must be above reproach, especially since the government is auditing them. There's no time for romance, and even if there was, David's had his heart broken once, he's not about to risk it again. 


David first encounters Teddi in the O'Hare Airport where they're both waiting in the Business Class. As luck would have it, she dropped her ticket and he used the opportunity to get to meet her. He thought she was interested in him, that her innocent glances and dropping such an important document are ploys. Teddi has her mind on other things however, the Munich tour operator's shoddy treatment. She's already sent him a sizable check which he cashed. Teddi's vacation trip is going to have to include a confrontation. No way is she going to allow him to squirm his way out of the contract and keep her company's hard earned money. David is quite enamored by Teddi's looks and quiet, unassuming personality. Once the plane arrives in Germany, they each go their separate ways only to meet up again at a local restaurant. Teddi turns out to be a temptation that David can't resist. Will Teddi's tour operator problems turn out to be more than either of them can handle?


Brand spankin' new author, Sloane Taylor's TEDDI TURNS ON will have readers wanting to travel to Germany and experience the charm of the country and the intensity of the men for themselves. I was charmed by Teddi's obvious love for her deceased husband and her mixed feelings about moving on without him. David's bold pursuit doesn't give her much of a chance to second guess herself. It was very easy to become absorbed in the plot and the characters' lives. Now I'm dying of curiosity about Teddi's little sister, Lonni. We get snippets about her throughout the story and it looks like she's going to be visiting Germany too. Fingers crossed that we will soon be seeing another of these wonderful heartfelt tales from Ms. Taylor.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Chrissy Dionne

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