Always a Marine, Book 3 – Tell It to the Marine (1Night Stand)
By Chrissy Dionne
Sep 1, 2012 - 3:53:26 PM

James Westwood loves working as a psychologist at Mike’s Place.  Helping fellow Marines reacclimatize to civilian life or just being a support system for them is very satisfying.  Like the other Marines at Mike’s Place James has signed up for 1Night Stand dating service as a sign of unity.  He didn’t really expect to make a connection with the woman he’s set up with but when he arrives at the Sybarite Club he discovers that his date is far more than he could have hoped for – she’s the actress he’s been hopelessly enamored with since he began watching her movies.

Lauren Kincaid certainly didn’t need 1Night Stand’s services to get a date but she’s tired of dating men who are only interested in how she could help further their careers.  She wants a date with a real man – one whose interests lie in getting to know her much better rather than anything Hollywood related.  She gets that in spades when she meets James. He knows exactly who she is and obviously follows her career but he’s far more interested in her as a person which is a refreshing change for her.


James and Lauren hit it off right away and the bluntness and flirting throughout their conversation prove to make their dinner an interesting experience.  There’s no doubt that the evening will end in a display of mutually satisfying sexual fireworks but as they talk they discover a camaraderie they rarely experience with anyone of the opposite sex.  Unfortunately just as it’s time for the evening to wind down and them to either go their separate ways or find a comfortable bed he receives a phone call.  One of his patients got into a spot of trouble at a local pub and he needs to go to him.  What he doesn’t expect is for Lauren to volunteer to go with him and actually want to help him with his patient.  She couldn’t be more perfect – but is it realistic to want more than a 1Night Stand with a celebrity?


TELL IT TO THE MARINE is actually the first title I read in the ALWAYS A MARINE series and made me really want to learn more about Mike’s Place and the rest of the couples from there set up by 1Night Stand.  Heather Long tells this story with so much compassion for everyone involved that as a reader you really feel for each of these characters and want everything to be okay in the end.  Lauren, in particular, won me over with her willingness to befriend a troubled young man and completely ignoring her own discomfort.  TELL IT TO THE MARINE is a sweet story with plenty of sensual tension and emotional angst, but in the end it leaves you with a smile on your face and more than a little eager to read the other titles in the ALWAYS A MARINE series.


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