Tell Me Your Secrets...
By Billie Jo
Nov 13, 2006 - 2:54:00 PM

Brooke Ashby is the head writer for “Secrets,” a soap opera.  She lives a quiet and uneventful life and lives precariously through her characters.  Until one day her world gets turned upside down when she receives a note telling her she has a twin sister and is adopted.   When Brooke finds out that her sister has been missing for a while, she decides to drive to the McKenzie ranch and masquerade as her sister to find out what has happened to her twin.  Only Brooke did not count on the sexy and irresistible fiancé, Sloan.  The electrifying sparks are intense and she finds herself falling for a man she can not have.  Will Brooke be able to leave the only man who has ever captured her heart?  Or will she try to convince Sloan she loves him and he belongs with her?

Sloan Campbell has always dreamed of owning his own ranch and is willing to marry a woman he does not love to see his dream come to fruition.  He is stubborn, sexy and charming.  But when Cameron comes back, he knows right away that she is not the real Cameron.  However, he is willing to keep that secret in order to see what game Brooke is really playing.  The only problem is, he is extremely attracted to her and is finding it exceedingly difficult to deny the sizzling passion that burns between them.  When someone tries to harm Brooke, he vows to protect the woman who has captured his heart.  Will Sloan walk away from Brooke, in order to accomplish his dream of owning his own ranch?  Or will he leave everything to have the one woman who makes his life complete?


TELL ME YOUR SECRETS… is another award-winning tale by the very talented Cara Summers.  Ms. Summers did an awesome job drawing this reader in from the first page and keeping me glued to the edge of my seat.  I was captivated by the fast-moving plot, magnetic characters and the sensual passion between Brooke and Sloan.  Brooke and Sloan are wonderful characters.  Both are strong-willed, passionate and believe very strongly in family values.  The secondary characters are just as much fun to read.  They are vibrant and add a lot of spicy zing to the storyline.  I had to keep reading to see how they fit into the plot.  When I finished the last page, I was struck speechless by how wrong I was on who the culprit turned out to be.  TELL ME YOUR SECRETS… has a new home on my top shelf. 




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