Temperature's Rising
By Sarah W
Oct 2, 2008 - 2:04:33 PM

Jessica Nelson is the daughter of the local police chief, so law enforcement is in her blood. Unfortunately, she wants it out and is setting out to prove that she can be successful in a different career. She is determined to make it as a real estate agent and is waiting to show a new property to a client when she is mistakenly arrested by new police officer, Conor Richmond, who thinks she is a prostitute. Talk about mixed signals! When he takes her down to the station, Conor receives the shock of his life. His “prostitute” is none other than the chief’s daughter, and she is fuming mad.

Jessica’s dad is determined to see her as a member of the police force and to that end, he has roped her into helping Conor with an undercover operation. They are trying to break a burglary ring in town that has gotten out of control. As much as she does not want to do it, Jessica knows in order to save her dad’s job she has to help with this assignment. So, Conor and Jessica pose as a newlyweds and the tension between them starts smoking! Will they be able to catch the criminals and stop the sexual tension between them from exploding?


Karen Kelley is one of those authors who is guaranteed to make you laugh. From the very first page you will be fighting laughter and watching as Jessica and Conor battle a blazing attraction. From the moment they are thrown together by Jessica’s matchmaking father, they start to realize that they have more in common than it first appeared. Both have a desire to find justice for the burglary victims in the community, both have a strong sense of family, and they just have a lot of fun together. Secondary characters such as Conor and Jess’s fake Italian neighbor, George, add to the hilarity and mayhem that ensues when Jess and Conor take up residence together. Karen Kelley leads readers on a funny but still thoughtful emotional journey to happily-ever-after. I am already anticipating Karen Kelley’s next story.

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