By Suzie Housley
Jul 14, 2010 - 3:32:17 PM

At a book conference Evie Sloan meets Cain and Michelle Thorne, they offer her a once in a life time invitation to visit Rendezvous, a BDSM club.  Evie knows this is her one opportunity to explore a lifestyle she has only read about and readily accepts her friends offer. 



Under the protection of her friends Cain and Michelle, Evie will get to see the two of them perform their role as a dominant and submissive.   At Rendezvous, Cain is known as Sir Cain and Michelle is his willing submissive. 


Niko Kovalenko is a legendary Master at Rendezvous.  There is no woman who can resist the opportunity to be selected to serve as his submissive.  Niko finds himself bored with the women he finds at the club, they do not offer his hot blood the sexual release it craves.


When Niko meets Evie, he sees in her eyes a woman worthy of someone to provide him a challenge.  The opportunity to break her spirit and make her his excites his soul.  He insists that he is to be her BDSM teacher.  Her body will be like putty, to mold into the type of woman he needs to satisfy his wants and desires.


Evie is powerless to resist Niko, her better judgment tells her to resist the gravitating pull he radiates.  Will Evie go willingly to Niko's erotic lifestyle, or will she run from the forbidden fruit he offers for her to taste?


Nicole Austin’s TEMPESTUOUS is one book that will set your soul on fire.  This reviewer has never had to set a book aside just to allow her body enough time to cool down.  This is one book that is definitely not for the faint of heart; it is written almost like a well in-depth instruction manual that will provide a crash course of the BDSM lifestyle.  If teachers came in the form of Niko, there would be a mad rush to sign up for his class.  


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