Temporary Slave
By Ansley
Aug 5, 2004 - 12:41:00 AM

Meridian Hunter, has dreamed of having a Master since she was a teenager. She longs for the feel of cuffs around her wrists, the sting of being spanked, and the instructions that her Master would give. She finds herself daydreaming more often than not about her boss, Marshall Wilder, being that Master. He fits into her fantasies perfectly, even resembling a man that she starred in her adolescent dreams.

Her quest for domination leads her online to a website, where she assumes a screen name, an alter ego, and an identity that allows her to communicate with Masters all over the world. She loves the idea of these men craving her, owning her, and taking control of her body and soul. When she meets a man on line that seems perfect for her, she jumps at the chance to meet him. He could be just what she has been looking for, or he could be the biggest mistake that she has ever made.


Marshall Wilder can't get Meridian out of his mind. Her beauty taunts him, while her determination and strength appeal to his business sense. Being a Master himself, he senses that she has a submissive nature, and that she yearns for a man to make her his. Learning that she has entered a dangerous world of internet domination, he tries to teach her a lesson that she will never forget.

He signs on himself, becoming Master Nightshade, and reaching out to Meridian immediately. He asks her to meet him, intending to prove to her that the internet is a scary world of kinky sex, one where she doesn't belong. Yet in the midst of teaching her a lesson, she gets under his skin, and he knows that he must have her.


He decides to take her away to his remote cabin, to give her a taste of the submission and domination that she claims to want, thinking that he can scare her out of the lifestyle. His plan is to push her, to humiliate her, to show her that she isn't made for the life that she wants to live. However, the more that he gives her, the more that she wants from him. Meridian is proving that she can be a good submissive and that he is the perfect Master for her.


Before they can assume those roles, though, they must resolve some heavier issues that lurk between them. If they can solve those problems, then they can move past the domination game that they are playing at, if not, then they are forced to never move to the next level!  


TEMPORARY SLAVE is a journey into submission, with Marshall Wilder/Master Nightshade leading the way. This book is sizzling hot, but only if you have a taste for the spicier side of sex. If you can't stomach the bondage, the submission, and being dominated, this is not the book for you. If these things do appeal, TEMPORARY SLAVE will turn you on for sure. I was drawn within the first few pages, and forged on until I finished it, all in one sitting.

I was torn between feeling slightly embarrassed due to some of the more graphic content, and appreciating it at the same time. Note to the reader though, there are some acts found within that are humiliating and meant to cause shame. If you can get past those issues, give TEMPORARY SLAVE a shot, it is worth the read.

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