Tempt Me, Taste Me, Touch Me
By Tracy Marsac
Jan 8, 2007 - 10:25:00 PM


Carrie Anderson had rehearsed her ‘yes’ a thousand times but was shocked when the word she uttered to her boyfriend’s sloppy proposal was ‘no.’  Now that she’s made up her mind, Carrie can see how wrong she was about what she wanted out of her life.  She plans on using her all girl weekend getaway to figure out where to go from here.  Never in her wildest imagination did she think she’d meet a gorgeous vineyard owner and have the most incredible sex ever. 

When Tyson’s heart let him down with women, he poured it into his winemaking.  Now work fills his days and most times he can convince himself he’s content until he comes across a beautiful stranger wondering his fields.  Tyson had the best of intentions when he started their affair.  He meant to keep it strictly a weekend fling but you know what they say about intentions…



Rose Morgan just broke up with her boyfriend, or rather, she was the dumpee.  She’s under the misguided impression that her curves are a flaw.  Her low self opinion is only reinforced when her ex dumped her for a rib-counting-stick figure.  Her agenda for the weekend was to try to slim down using the resort’s many resources so she’s not at all happy to learn she’s won exclusive cooking lessons with Chef Jack Gerard.  Jack is only enduring the company of the prize winner to please his publicist.  He expects the lucky winner to be a picky non-eater but is pleasantly surprised to meet Rose.  He falls in lust with her incredible curves and soon he and Rose are creating a different kind of heat in his kitchen.



Vanessa Collins definitely goes for the disposable type when it comes to men.  Seeing her father’s affairs devastate her mom taught her not to fall for love’s hype.  Over the years, she’s perfected her image and has seduction down to an art form…or so she thought until she meets sexy painter Sam Marshall.  Sam is still mending from his last breakup and his art is suffering because of it.  One look at hot, confident Vanessa Collins has Sam reaching for his brushes.  Will one weekend be enough to change Vanessa’s mind about love? 


Napa Valley provides the perfect backdrop for romantic walks through the vineyard, intimate dinners sipping seductive wine, and sinfully hot sex thanks to talented new author Bella Andre!  She’s created three wonderful heroines and given each a memorable must read story!  Carrie, Rose, and Vanessa all have different personalities but are looking for the same thing whether they realize it or not.  Love sneaks up on the three of them when they least expect it.  Each finds a hero that complements them emotionally and physically.  A deliciously erotic anthology you’ll want to read over and over again!

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