Tempt Me Twice
By Natasha Smith
Apr 20, 2009 - 10:08:42 AM

Jessie and Paul are close friends.  Paul is involved with Noah.  Jessie adores both men, but is in love with Paul.  She knows that her feelings can’t ever be acted upon because she refuses to break up the loving and happy relationship Paul and Noah have. 


Paul and Noah have long talked about bringing a woman into their relationship and becoming a triad family.  Both men have feelings for Jessie, but they are unsure if they are what she wants.  When she becomes frantic in the days before an art showing, Paul and Noah get her to go away with them for a weekend.  It is during this weekend that both men show Jessie just how much they care about her.  And then some!


Tempt Me Twice by Eden Bradley is an erotic look at how relationships between friends can change in an instant.  Both Jessie and Paul cared about each other – they just were frightened of the feelings they felt and didn’t want anyone to be hurt, least of all Noah.  Noah was like a quiet dynamo.  He knew what he wanted, and when he realized just how much Jessie desired both him and Paul, he quickly set out to prove to both how much more love there is to go around when all three parties are committed to each other.  Tempt Me Twice was sultry, sensuous, and simply divine.  Eden Bradley scores again!


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