Tempting Fate: Holiday Fantasies: Detour
By Gail Northman
Dec 19, 2003 - 11:26:00 PM

Kayla at the insistence of her daughter, Kellie travels to the
Tennessee Mountains for Thanksgiving to spend the holiday with friends.  Divorced and with her daughter about to leave home, Kayla realizes that she can do what ever she likes.  Kayla had spent the last few years since her divorce, devoted to her career as a photographer and her daughter.  As she drove up the mountain, a mud slide caused her to detour.  But Mother Nature has a way of changing best laid plans.  With the weather closing in, Kayla realizes that she needs to seek a shelter.  Little did she know that her deepest fantasies were about to come true.

Morgan was a writer with a problem; he was having a mental block with a love scene.  He wanted the love scene in his book to be more than just a quick coupling, or a one night stand.  Morgan wanted his fantasy to be a love scene depicting a woman who was mature and yet sexually inexperienced.  He was aroused just thinking about it.  Then came a knock on his door and there before his eyes was a woman, who was shivering from the cold and asking for help.  


Kay Wilde has created a beautiful love short story that is very sensual.  DETOUR is the kind of story that gives hope to those of us that are mature and not as firm as we would like to be.  It is a story of taking a chance; to grab at opportunities as they arise and finding love and romance when you least expect it.


DETOUR is Kay Wilde’s second book of her TEMPTING FATE, HOLIDAY FANTASIES series.  It is a wonderful addition to what is turning into a superb collection of stories that revolve around holiday celebrations and how fate plays its part.

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