Tempting Fate: Holiday Fantasies - Seduction of the Senses
By Jennifer A.
Feb 9, 2004 - 4:10:00 PM

Allison Beckett is tired and irritable. The long hours she has been putting in at the boutique she owns, results in her neglecting her husband and children. Even though her business is holding its own, the holiday rush is slower then expected.  Allison has had to cut back on the seasonal help and pick up the slack. Having to work 12 hours a day does not leave much time that she can devote to her family.  As a financial consultant, her husband works long hours as well, and spends most of his of time out of town. Allison fears that their hectic work schedules are starting to affect their marriage.

On her way to lunch and lost in thought, Allison walks headlong into a wall of solid muscle.  Stunned and confused, she realizes that she is now in the arms of a stranger.  Allison is immediately attracted to this man who is looking at her with dark eyes that have a predatory gleam.  Breaking the spell she seems to be under, she apologizes to him and manages to remove herself from his embrace.  When this man follows her to lunch, Allison finds it difficult to keep her eyes and her mind off of him. 


Allison knows she is in trouble when he appears in her boutique and requests her assistance in picking out lingerie.  By the time he is finished selecting the items he wants, Allison is definitely hot and bothered.  When he pays for his purchases and leaves behind a hotel key and room number, the invitation is clear.  Can Allison resist the temptation of spending a passionate night with this sexy and gorgeous stranger?


SEDUCTION OF THE SENSES is a short, but very sexy read.  You feel the immediate attraction between the couple and the story will hold your attention to the very end.  Kay Wilde creates an amazing chemistry between the characters and you can't help, but hope in the end, Allison will decide to make the "wrong" decision.  

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