Tempting Mouthful

Author: Elyssa Lynne

Publisher: Ellora's Cave

Release Date: September 2008

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4

Format: Ebook

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TEMPTING MOUTHFUL by Elyssa Lynne is the story of a stressed out woman trying to get some peace and contentment back in her life.  She runs to the only place that has ever given her peace. She comes to the lodge to relax and help her aunt with last minute remodeling projects because the lodge was set to open as a holistic retreat in five days.  Unbeknownst to Danni, her aunt is involved in a car accident the day she arrives, so instead of rest and relaxation, she is called to the hospital where she finds her aunt in a coma.  She is so distraught but determined to finish the lodge on time for her aunt.  She cannot believe her luck.  Being an avid tarot card reader Danni did a reading before she got on the airplane to come to her aunt and had pulled the Five of Wands, which means she will face a conflict in the near future. 

Once at the lodge she meets a very handsome man, Alec Wallace, whom she thinks is there as an advisor for her aunt but is really a lawyer for a hotel chain after her property.  Alec and Danni are intensely attracted to each other and fighting it with every thing in them.  Alec is amazed by the serenity and peace he feels just being with Danni.  She is the yin to his yang.  The two share dinner and each other before the night is through.  Alec tries to get Danni to relax and take her mind off her problems as well as forget his own.   Danni meets with the staff and finds out that she has a cash flow problem and no power of attorney from her aunt to write any checks to pay the workers.

Danni finds out who Alec works for before he gets the chance to tell her himself.  Alec does everything in his power to prove to Danni that he cares for her and was trying to tell her the truth.  Danni realizes he is being truthful and together they set out to find a way to fulfill her Aunt Zany’s dream before the deadline.  Will an unscrupulous lawyer and conniving contractors derail her plans to do right by Aunt Zany or will Danni and Alec be able to overcome all?  Would she prove the tarot wrong?


I couldn't put this story down. We all get stressed out or burnt out from work and need a place of escape.  I wish I had a lodge like the one Danni went to “veg-out” for a few days!  I liked the interaction between Danni and Alec very much.  Here was a gorgeous guy who really hated his job and only wanted to please this woman whom he just met but who filled him with a peace he had never felt in his life.  He was willing to give up everything to be everything for Danni!  Danni was a little insecure and overwhelmed by the feelings she developed for Alec in such a short time but the contentment he brought was like nothing she had ever felt all her life.  She needed and wanted him permanently.  Together they weathered an intense storm and sexual chemistry in a short period of time that few experienced in a lifetime of relationship.  They proved that love could come quickly and be strong.  They beat the odds and were headed to a lasting love.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: natasha2

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