Tempting Target
By Maree Schuler
Feb 4, 2011 - 1:29:28 AM

Jade has been lost in a cocoon of grief and pain too long and has decided it is time to spread her wings again. After allowing herself to be set up on a blind date from hell she is forced to look at the man that has been in her life since she lost her husband ….. his best friend and her protector David.

After a mysterious woman leaves a ring in her possession Jade is placed in danger in ways that she can’t explain and neither can David. All David knows and needs to know is that he has cared about Jade since she married his best friend and he doesn’t plan on losing her a second time, to any man or to death. After her life is threatened David sticks to Jade like glue and their emotions combust.  They are forced to come to terms with what they both have been denying for too many years, that sometimes who you are supposed to be with is right in front of you.

This was a truly enjoyable read that had the right mix of humor, drama, and steamy love scenes to keep me enthralled and reading until the last page! I loved the dynamics between Jade and David and Ms. Stuart did a superb job of writing what could have been a very awkward couple!

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