Tempting Tori
By Chrissy Dionne
Apr 1, 2009 - 6:25:59 AM

Victoria ‘Tori’ Abrams has spent the past eighteen months working as a housekeeper for J.T. Courage and his brothers but she’s reached the conclusion that it’s time for her to leave.  She simply can’t remain and continuing mooning over J.T.  He’ll never see her as anything more than an employee and it’s too heartbreaking to see him on a daily basis and know that her love will never be returned.

J.T. certainly has noticed Tori but he wasn’t about to run off the best housekeeper they’ve ever had by pursuing a woman who hasn’t shown the slightest interest in him.  Sure she’s friendly, but she’s friendly to everyone so he’s watched her and dreamed of what they could have together.  That is up until she announces that she’s leaving him and the ranch to go home.  Now all bets are off and J.T. will do everything in his power to convince her to stay.


Tori’s been happy staying with the Courage brothers but she wants more than just a job, she wants J.T. and reality is that he doesn’t feel the same way about her.  Since J.T., Brady and Marshall are moving to the new house J.T built a couple miles down the road, they’ve all packed up to move their belongings there, only Tori isn’t planning on moving in there, she intends to catch a bus and leave them altogether, but she hasn’t told anyone her plans yet.  She makes the decision to tell J.T. that she’s leaving and while she expected him to not take the news well, she never anticipated him reacting as he does.  Confused, J.T. is hurt that she’s leaving but the more she insists that she’s leaving the more desperate he becomes until seduction is the only thing on his mind.  Tori assumes any woman would do and she’s just available and since this is her one chance to be with the man she loves she’s going to take it.  J.T., on the other hand, views this moment as the beginning of something great and long lasting.  Can he convince her that she belongs with him – forever?


N.J. Walters brings back J.T. for an encore appearance in her latest story TEMPTING TORI.  You may very well remember him as the cowboy who didn’t get the girl in UNMASKING KELLY and, like me, might have wondered about him.  I’m pleased to say that Ms. Walters perception of him and his situation is everything I could have hoped for – and then some.  J.T. and Tori are well matched and complement each other beautifully.  There are some self confidence issues that are dealt with compassionately and make J.T. even more sexy and desirable – and I didn’t think that was possible!  TEMPTING TORI is a passionate quick read that incorporates plenty of emotion so that the characters take on a life all their own and endear themselves to the reader.  Now that being said, there are two other Courage brothers and they’re both single.  Dare we hope for stories for each of them?


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