Ten Good Reasons (Sandy Cove Romance #2)
By Jo
Mar 24, 2015 - 3:45:04 PM

TEN GOOD REASONS is set in a small town on the water in California where we're on and off boats, going on whale-watching expeditions and getting into the festivals.  The book is reminiscent to me of Jill Shalvis' LUCKY HARBOR SERIES or Kate Angell's BAREFOOT WILLIAM SERIES but Christopher doesn't get deep enough into the characters and doesn't initially engage my emotions like they do.

Christopher's TEN GOOD REASONS, BOOK 2 in the SANDY COVE ROMANCE SERIES, is the first book I've read by her not having yet read book one in the series.  Lia is hard to like.  She's always a ray of sunshine even when she doesn't want to be or doesn't agree with what she's asked to do.  She definitely has to learn to speak up for herself but also to let others in and show them the real her. She has a venomous boss whom she calls Vampiress but not to her face of course.  Her boss thinks she should do nothing but work round the clock, 24/7, and be happy about it and give their marketing clients anything they want.  Kyle, one of the clients, was actually a danger to be around but Lia just couldn't see it.  Her boyfriend, who no one ever seems to speak highly of, is off vacationing in Bora-Bora and has little communication with her while he's gone.  Evan, who is helping out by captaining his brother Drew's catamaran, has a lot of grief that he's dealing with and has a hard time getting a handle on it.  But he and Lia hit it off almost like two lost souls but neither thinks it's a good idea so they fight their chemistry from the first time they meet.  By the second half of the book my emotions became engaged and I couldn't wait to see how it ended.  It's also when the premise of ten good reasons surfaced and the pace picked up. There were family and friends, disagreements and hurts, loss, anger, fear, danger, tears, lots of whales and other mammals, laughter, love and an unexpected happily ever after.  There was nice closure and I'm happy to know there will be a third book in the series where we can reunite with those we've met in the first two books.


Christopher is a new author. Her debut novel is the first book in this series, THE RED BIKINI, which is Giselle and Fin's story and there is an excerpt in the back of this book.  Their story captured my attention immediately and I plan on reading it to see not only if some of the missing pieces are filled in for me not having read it before reading the second book, TEN GOOD REASONS, but also to get to know Lia and her sisters better.

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