Ten Things I'd Do for a Cowboy
By Jenn L
Mar 17, 2008 - 1:33:49 PM

Amanda Lang is on a mission, one that will help The Buchanan Wild Mustang and Burro Transition Ranch and allow her to apologize to the man she harmed two years ago. Her first visit to the Buchanan ranch was not successful, her article "Ten Things I'd Do for a Cowboy" lead to her divorce and near financial ruin of the ranch's owner Rafe Buchanan. She owes the handsome rancher an apology and she'll do whatever it takes to earn his forgiveness.

Rancher Rafe Buchanan would happily live his life never laying eyes on Amanda Lang again, but it seems fate and his meddling father have other plans for him. The ranch and its work with transitioning horses is his life, his bitter divorce and that damn article almost cost him everything. Forgiving Amanda is not in the cards and her documentary may help the ranch, but Rafe can't see past his anger. He just wants her gone, now.


Together these two emotionally scared people will discover the truth behind the lies and find that their anger has been in vain. Rafe and Amanda soon find themselves fighting their attraction to one another and in the end they may just find what they need, each other.


When I think of TEN THINGS I'D DO FOR A COWBOY certain words come to mind.


For Amanda I can't help but associate her with bravery. It takes guts to go back and face the past, knowing you're not wanted and that the man you wronged has no idea of what really happened, yet she does. She comes face to face with Rafe and stands her ground. Strong in her beliefs and driven by her need to apologize to him she never gives up.


For Rafe it's stubborn, in the beginning he refuses to budge. He wants to keep his anger; he doesn't want to associate with Amanda and for a short while he succeeds. After being dogged by Amanda and being forced to see the truth of the situation, stubborn takes on a whole new meaning. Now it’s that streak that has him pursuing Amanda with unyielding determination. At times I was angry with Rafe but as he and the reader learn the truth he became incredibly endearing.


TEN THINGS I'D DO FOR A COWBOY is a journey of forgiveness, humility and new love. The romance between Rafe and Amanda slowly boils, gently building and growing in its intensity that had me sighing at the end. Sweet and tender, TEN THINGS I'D DO FOR A COWBOY is an utterly satisfying novella that is worth the time invested.

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