Ten Thousand Angels
By Tammy Kelley
Jun 1, 2005 - 10:07:00 PM

Matt Stevens has lost his faith in God and his fellowman. When Matt's wife Caroline left during the night taking their son Sam with her, he can't forgive himself or God for the accident that takes their lives.

When Matt rents a cabin to Rachel Bowers, all he wants to do is give a little old lady a place to live & to be left alone. Rachel sees something in Matt that is worth trying to save, so every time she sees Matt she invites him over to eat dinner with her. One thing Rachel is not going to do Matt figures out is to give up and leave him alone, so he starts spending time with Rachel. Rachel's persistence on not giving up gives Matt hope for himself.  Right when he starts believing that he can start living his life again Rachel dies on him leaving him alone and more angry then he was before.

Not knowing that her grandmother has died, Kate has finally gotten away from her abusive boyfriend to finally be with her grandmother. Upon arriving at her grandmother's cabin she finds it is dark & empty; but Kate remembers that her grandmother always talked to her about her landlord Matt. Finally when she arrives at Matt's door Kate finds herself coming to face with a very angry man, one that doesn't believe that she even cared for her grandmother. If Matt only knew what abuse Kate had been through while being away from Rachel. When Kate realizes that there isn't anything left for her she leaves; but passes out and when she comes to she finds herself in the very bed of the man that seems to hate her.

Matt takes care of Kate until she is well enough to be out on her own. When Matt has his home to himself again he realizes that he misses having Kate around. But is Matt willing to put his faith and trust back in God and his friends or does he want to continue being a bitter, angry lonely man?

After nearly losing everything in his life once does Matt really want to risk losing it all over again; because he isn't willing to believe again?

You will have to read TEN THOUSAND ANGELS to see all the trials and gifts that await Matt and Kate. Are they really willing to give each other a chance for a second chance and a chance to help each other heal?

TEN THOUSAND ANGELS was one of the most touching and moving books that I have read in a long time. It let's you feel like all you have to do is believe and anything can happen. Makes you wonder if those TEN THOUSAND ANGELS are watching over us too.

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