Tequila Truth
By Chrissy Dionne
Nov 1, 2008 - 11:41:57 AM

Kylie has been a roommate and friend to Colt and Heath since they were all freshmen’s in college.  She introduced their tradition of playing a game of TEQUILA TRUTH on every birthday.  The idea being for the birthday guy – or girl as the case may be – to pose a question and then each member drinks a shot of tequila and answers the question – honestly. 

It’s Heath’s twenty-fifth birthday and his deep introspective question is “what is your ultimate sex fantasy?”  Men being men, Colt and Heath are more than happy to share their fantasies in great detail.  For Kylie however, this is very uncomfortable.  Not because she’s embarrassed about her desires but because her fantasies involve both her roommates.  How can she possibly tell them that their fantasies turn her on in a big way and she longs to be the woman playing out the starring role in their fantasy?


After confessing her desire to Heath and Colt life goes on as usual for most of the next six months.  For Kylie the sexual frustration she’s experiencing is almost overwhelming.  She’s taken ridiculous chances – everything from visiting a sex club to asking the man she’s been seeing to tie her up and spank her.  She’s putting herself at risk and Colt and Heath care way too much about her to allow this behavior to continue.


When Colt saves Kylie from her ‘date from hell’ after returning home early from work he decides it’s time for him and Heath to step in and help her go about fulfilling her sexual desires safely.  In order to do so the men devise a plan.  For one weekend only they’ll take their relationship from friends to lovers – come Monday, it’s back to strictly friends.  One of their sticking points however is that Kylie will have to introduce every date to them on the first date. 


Surprisingly Kylie agrees to their terms but before the weekend officially begins they play another game of TEQUILA TRUTH only this time each of them has to honestly state what fantasy they want to fulfill over the weekend.  It’s such a simple concept so why is it that the whole situation becomes complicated so quickly?  Will they truly be able to return to a friends-only relationship come Monday? 


Mari Carr’s TEQUILA TRUTH is a fun and sexy read that is sure to leave readers hot and bothered and maybe even looking at your guy friends a little differently.  Colt, Heath and Kylie’s relationship is really very sweet.  Their friendship always comes first but because of their friendship Heath and Colt didn’t see how perfect Kylie is for them – on every level.  Kylie’s such a tomboy that I just adored her but it’s also the reason that Heath and Colt see her as just ‘one of the guys’.  The game TEQUILA TRUTH comes into play several times throughout the story and I have to admit I loved the idea because honesty is a necessity – no matter how uncomfortable the subject matter.  This is a book that I read cover to cover in one sitting and was sorry to see come to an end. 

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