Test Me
By Nickie Langdon
Jan 2, 2008 - 11:52:06 AM

Vetta St.
Claire is a very wealthy young woman whose latest experiment is a written test to poll the libido of men. There is a line of young men waiting to take the test.

Travis Carmichael has a lab in the monstrosity of a building that Vetta owns. He’s at the end of his grant for the current work he’s doing. It looks like he’ll be leaving soon if he can’t get the money to continue his cancer research.


The line of men outside his door are noisy and bothering him. He decides to go talk to Vetta about the problem.


If the only way he can talk to her is to take the test, so be it. After he reads over the questions and discovers what the test is about, he makes up his mind to get creative. To answer most of the questions, he uses stick figures that are obviously him and Vetta in a variety of strange and impossible positions. It’s sure to catch her attention.


Things between the two of them would probably be much better if they didn’t hate one another. Dee Tenorio’s TEST ME is an interesting look into the lives of two people whose opinions of one another are so one-sided and whose real feelings are kept locked inside them. It was very interesting to watch these two in action. She’s appalled by the way he answered the questions on the test. He uses an opportunity to go for what he wants – her body.


Ingenuity and plain old lust make this a great read. You’ll love the way they’re so antagonistic toward one another in the beginning and then they began to thaw, both in feelings and attitudes. Don’t let this story pass you by. Ms. Tenorio creates some delish characters and these are two of her best.

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