Texas Bluff

Author: Linda Warren

Publisher: Harlequin Super Romance

Release Date: February 2008

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5

Format: PRINT

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Becky falls for the sexy cowboy named Luke on their first date. She thought he felt the same for her, until she hears that their date is nothing but a dare. She ends their relationship and her daddy gives Luke his first taste of hell. Luke enlists in the army, leaving River Bluff.

Years pass and Luke returns home from injuries sustained during combat. He is no longer the reckless teenager but is still devilishly handsome. He finds things have changed except for Becky who is still as beautiful and sassy as ever. She never left River Bluff. She works as a nurse at the high school and helps out at the clinic. She is always there when someone needs her.

Luke and Becky's unresolved issues with their past keep them from going forward. Living in the same town puts them together too often for Becky's comfort. Becky's first marriage ended in divorce. Now she lives with her father. Bravely she tries to take care of her wayward son who is at the age where he needs money to buy a car.

Luke has his own problems with his family. His older brother resents him, his father is recovering from a stroke, and his mother relies heavily on Becky to get through the hard times. Wherever Luke travels, Becky is either there or on her way to help someone in trouble. He just can't avoid her no matter how hard he tries.

Becky has her own troubles. The fact that her son doesn't want to be around the man who is his father should be a good sign, but it isn't. She also has a secret. She knows that she needs to keep it quiet, but doing so makes her feel guilty. When it leaks out it will change their lives forever. She isn't the only one with a secret. Luke's family has one of their own. Will the news blow Luke’s life apart in ways that were untouched when he was fighting the war or can he survive?

TEXAS BLUFF is a riveting novel by Linda Warren. The story is skillfully written with characters that are true to life. In this story, Linda relates to issues found in many homes today. Family members coming home to take care for their aging parents. In this tale, she gives insight on how Luke handles and helps his father's recovery along with Becky's help. Becky is a gutsy woman who takes life by the horns and meets it. Luke's training in the army helps him to handle most circumstances without flinching. Both traits will see these two to the end. Will they get together, or will their deceit destroy them? Run to your nearest store and pick up a copy of Linda's book. No bluffing, this is an excellent read!

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Amelia

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