Texas Heart
By Carol
Apr 8, 2006 - 12:29:00 AM

Jesse Walker had followed in the footsteps of the rest of her family of Texas Rangers. It had been a tradition since the Texas Rangers came to be that a Walker had worn the infamous sterling silver stars on their chests. She prided herself on being the first female Walker to get pinned with the shiny emblem. The green-eyed spitfire could catch some of the most ruthless scourges of Texas, but couldn’t catch a man. No man wanted a woman who had such power in her veins.

Andrew Wallis felt an instant stab of desire for the leggy redheaded firecracker who had barged into his life, or rather been forced into his life. There were a dozen reasons they shouldn’t be together but all that mattered was his heart’s reason. The most eligible bachelor in Texas, Senator Wallis had been totally unprepared for the entrance of such a woman into his well-ordered life.


Jesse was supposed to protect him. But she fell in love against her better judgment. And the closet romantic became the one who needed the protection, as she became the target of whoever was fixated on the sexy as sin senator. Would the Texas Ranger who always “got her man” catch their murderous stalker in time or be killed before she got the man of all her dreams and fantasies?


This reviewer was on the edge of her seat through the entire book wishing for love to prevail and good to conquer evil. Anne Blaeske has written a most suspenseful tale. The whodunit packed with pure romance is a majestic balance. You think you know who did and then you don’t. In true whodunit fashion it keeps you guessing to the end. Readers who enjoy the infamous television series Walker, Texas Ranger will enjoy this book from beginning to end.

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