Texas Heir

Author: Linda Warren

Publisher: Harlequin American Romance

Release Date: September 2008

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5

Format: PRINT

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Linda Warren creates a heart-warming story about priorities, revelations, and love in TEXAS HEIR.

Cami Michaels is a farm girl who has worked her way up from sales clerk to vice president of Dalton’s Department store.  Defining her life by her professional success, she harbors a secret.  Cami is in love with Reed Preston, Dalton’s very sexy president and her boss.


Reed Preston has lived under his father’s thumb his entire life.  Like his father and grandfather before him, Dalton’s department store is his legacy and the focus of his life.  Running from his feelings for Cami, he finds himself engaged to his father’s hand-picked bride.


After his announcement, the unthinkable happens.  As he and Cami are taking a routine flight to one of the stores, their plane was struck by lightning.  They barely escape with their lives.  Bruised, wounded, and miles from anywhere, they have to stop running from themselves and face reality.


Facing death can make a person do crazy things like admit secrets they have sworn never to reveal.  Truth has a way of leaving a trail of consequences in its wake.


Linda Warren crafts a story that incorporates realistic characters and issues into the kind of happily ever after that warms the heart.  The reader will not only relate to Cami, but want to be her.  It’s that easy to slip into her skin and laugh when she laughs and cry when she cries.  The ending of the story is so satisfying as to make this reader want to read it all over again.  Very well done, Ms. Warren.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Ansley Cooper

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