Texas Neighbors

Author: Debra White Smith

Publisher: Barbour

Release Date: April 2006

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4

Format: PRINT

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The day that Brenda had called a locksmith to come and fix her door at the coffee and gift shop, she had no idea that Zeke Blake would walk back into her life.  For it has been years since they have seen each other.  Both have been married, had children and both have lost their spouses.  Just one look is all it takes for Brenda to know that the love she had for Blake is not gone.

The day that Zeke left for the service, Brenda knew that she would wait a lifetime for Zeke to come back home.  But when weeks began to turn into months, loneliness set in.  Brenda never planned on betraying the love they shared.  But when Mack Lane, the nephew of the pastor, walked in the door, they were both attracted to each other.  Brenda married Mack and they had a good marriage, a son, and a daughter.  It has been years since Mack died from a massive heart attack.

While Mack was in Vietnam, he sustained severe injuries.  He lost the sight of one eye, one leg and was left with a deep facial scar.  During his time in rehab, Zeke fell in love with his nurse, Madeline.  When he left the hospital, they married and had a set of twin boys.  After the boys grew up and moved away fromhome, Madeline could not deal with her depression and took her life.  Now alone, Zeke decides to move back home to be closer to his mother.

Now that Brenda and Zeke have been granted another chance with each other, will they ne able to deal with the problems that face them?  Kent, Brends'a son, has moved back home after his wife left him,along with his young son and daughter.  With the hours that Kent works at the hospital, Brenda has the children most of the time.  Will Zeke and Brenda find the time they need for each other?  Or will their love be strong  enough to conquer the obstacles that sre sure to come their way?

Debra White Smith is one of my favorite authors; and in "TEXAS NEIGHBORS", she did not let me down.  This book was so catching, that it was not easy to lay it down.  I am greatly honored to give this book a 4 blue ribbon rating.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: sherreechmitlin

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