Texas Outlaws: Jesse
By Dottie
Jan 21, 2014 - 6:41:30 AM

In the small town of Lost Gun, Jesse James Chisholm is considered a bad boy. As the son of a criminal, many of the townspeople look down on him. While growing up, the boys were against him, but the girls were intrigued by his bad boy image. The one girl who has always interested him is the mayor’s niece, but after a passionate three weeks together, she broke it off with him. After his father burned up in a house fire, Jesse and his two brothers were raised by Pete, a rodeo champ who taught the boys all that he knew. Leaving his hometown, Jesse travels the rodeo circuit and is the newest Pro Bull Riding champ. He has just returned to Lost Gun to attend Pete’s wedding, something he would not miss for the world.

After the death of her parents, Gracie Stone was raised by her uncle, the mayor and his wife. Distraught at the death of her parents, she had resorted to acting up and the best way to do that was to hook up with the local heartbreaker, Jesse. But she could not deny the sparks that flew whenever they were together. The only thing Gracie has ever wanted, besides Jesse, is to leave the small town and pursue her love of photography. However, when a second tragedy hit her family, she knew she had to change her ways. Her younger sister took the news badly, rarely letting Gracie out of her sight, fearing that she would lose her, too. So Gracie set about trying to reform and broke off her relationship with Jesse. Now twelve years later, she has succeeded in repairing her reputation and has just been elected mayor.

Years earlier, Jesse had been badly injured due to the actions of the producers of a television documentary. It had taken quite a bit of time and money for his recovery and now the producers are returning to town to tape a new show to see where those in the original program are today. Gracie could have prevented his earlier injuries by warning Jesse about the producers, but she worried that seeing him again would be too tempting and would ruin her attempt at reforming herself. She has lived with that guilt and tries to repair it by warning him of the show’s return to Lost Gun.

Talking to Gracie again only makes Jesse want her more. Certain that if they had too much of each other he could work her out of his system, he makes a suggestion to Gracie. She would do anything to be able to forget Jesse and get on with her life, so she agrees. But unlike his experience with cherry pie, too much intimacy with Gracie may not leave him sick of her. Instead, it may result in his desire for a future with her. But since he longs to leave Lost Gun and she refuses to, are they doomed to heartache?

Hot, hot, hot! TEXAS OUTLAWS: JESSE, the first book in author Kimberly Raye’s TEXAS OUTLAWS series, is a sensual contemporary romance that is sure to touch hearts as two vulnerable people with a history are offered a second chance. Jesse has always wanted the townspeople to see him for himself, but there are too many narrow minded residents who equate him with his criminal father. He is about to start a business in Austin and one of the things he tries to accomplish while in town is to tie up loose ends, including Gracie. But he soon finds that some people are not so easy to forget.

A hidden fortune, tragedy, a rodeo cowboy, a reformed bad girl, prejudice, scorching sensuality, humor, healing, forgiveness, small town dynamics, romance and true love all combine to give readers a mesmerizing tale they will think about long after the last page is read. A fan of Ms. Raye’s work, I expected a great read when I opened this book and I was not disappointed. After reading this novel, I could not wait to get my hands on the next installment of this series, Billy’s story, which has just been released. While you are picking up Jesse’s book, why not go ahead and pick up Billy’s too?

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