Destination Pleasure: Thai’d Up
By Chrissy Dionne
Jul 1, 2009 - 8:31:29 PM

Heidi Clarke is visiting Thailand where she’ll interview the male model who’ll be grace the cover of her magazine’s ‘International Men’ calendar.  She can’t resist the temptation to venture out and explore the area and she certainly isn’t about to let the simple fact that she knows very little of the Thai language deter her from experiencing the local flavor.

Since she has the evening free of responsibilities and has been reassured that Bangkok is safe and has one of the lowest crime rates in the world Heidi heads out and finds herself caught up in the various activities on the streets.  It’s a sort of culture shock – the mixture of stimuli is stunning. 


At first it’s the beautiful artistic prints she spies at the street vendors that capture her attention but that quickly changes when she notices a BDSM club named ‘Tied Up.’  She’s always harbored a fascination with bondage clubs and curious about what it would feel like to be a submissive.  She’s more than interested in going in and makes it all the way to the door of the club but then she second guesses herself.  Heidi has a big day tomorrow and has to be at her best when she interviews Thai model Aran Narit. 


Before she can head back to the hotel, a man dressed as the Phantom of the Opera approaches her and asks her to accompany him into the club.  It seems this mystery man owns the club and Heidi can’t deny that she’s extremely curious.  It’s an experience she won’t soon forget – especially since her Phantom is more than willing to indulge in her desires – even ones she was unaware she possesses.


THAI’D UP is one of the international short stories that make up Wild Rose Press’s DESTINATION PLEASURE series.   The title is a play on the BDSM club name which I thought was rather creative on the author’s part.  Helen Hardt brings the uniqueness of the Thai area together with the characters interest in the BDSM lifestyle and pulls the reader into Heidi and her mystery man’s burgeoning relationship.

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