Thankful for You (Calendar Men - Mr. November)
By Suzie Housley
Dec 1, 2014 - 4:00:05 AM

A grenade ended Sig Nicki’s military career, and returned him back to his Michigan hometown to rebuild his life.  When he is asked to be a part of a calendar to benefit the Widows and Orphans fund he agrees.  He never expected the reaction the town would have to his picture, overnight he has become the town’s local hero.

Elsie Jordan is the owner of the town’s pet shop.  Sig is a regular customer, who visits her shop each week.  With every visit he asks her out for dinner, and each time she refuses and reminds him that she doesn’t date.  Her rejection to his offer has nothing to do with the scars he received from his injury, instead it stems from a tragic past she has tried to put behind her.

When Sig’s fame lands him as the town’s Grand Marshall at the parade, he knows he doesn’t want to attend the event solo.  He makes a plea to Elsie to help him out of his dilemma.  She agrees to go with him as friends only, but as the night comes to a close will their friendship be taken to a higher level of attraction?

THANKFUL FOR YOU is an EXCEPTIONAL romance!  I was so impressed with Cindy Spencer Pape’s writing style.  Sig and Elsie are both wounded in their own way; together they find the healing bond each one of them needs to be whole.  The chemistry these two exhibited skyrockets romance to new heights.  THANKFUL FOR YOU is a part of the CALENDAR MEN series.  It can easily be read as a standalone novel.

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