Author: Janet Evanovich

Publisher: Harper Torch Fiction

Release Date: October 31, 2006

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5

Format: PRINT

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Megan Murphy is astonished to see a brown floppy rabbit nibbling on her skirt.  She picked up the rabbit to return it to its owner and comes face-to-face with Patrick Hunter, the cute pediatrician who just moved into town.  When she sees the rabbit yet again, Megan decides to give Patrick a piece of her mind only to find him burning a pot of applesauce at home.  Apparently, he is trying to get ready for Thanksgiving.  The problem is Patrick doesn't really know how to cook!


As they were talking, Megan and Patrick are startled to see Tilly Coogan and her son Timmy, one of Patrick's patients, at his doorstep.  Before they could even blink, Megan and Patrick found themselves with a baby in hand.  Unable to turn Timmy over to children's protective services, they decide to take care of him for a while.  Soon Megan wonders if the holidays could lead to an instant family.


THANKSGIVING is a hilarious story of two people being brought together by a floppy rabbit and an adorable baby.  Megan is astonished to be taking care of Timmy and flirting with Patrick.  She is an only child so she doesn't have any real babysitting experience.  Between the flying baby food and the flirtatious advances from Patrick, Megan seems happier than ever.  She brightened up when the boys were near as if she never could imagine her life without them.


Patrick is a fun loving doctor fresh out of residency.  He thinks Megan is adorable and great with Timmy.  Even though he kids around with her about getting married and having a family, he just doesn't feel ready.  I admire his feelings of responsibilities.  He wants to be able to provide for a family without worrying about debts and uncertainty.  However, I think that love isn't something you plan because if that were true, no one would ever fall in love. 


Patrick and Megan's families are hilarious.  They represent a loving family and the holiday scenes are so identifiable that it's scary.  From the cooking side-by-side to the constant comments of marriage between Patrick and Megan, it reminded me of my own family.  Like all holiday dinners, Thanksgiving doesn't go quite as planned but that only added to the fun.  It just had me rolling!!  THANKSGIVING is a funny story of happy memories and love for the holiday season.


By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Ann

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