That Christmas Feeling

Author: Catherine Palmer, Gail Gaymer Martin

Publisher: Steeple Hill Books

Release Date: November 2004

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4

Format: PRINT

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CHRISTMAS IN MY HEART by Catherine Palmer

Claire Ross has returned home after the cancellation of her wedding. Deciding to spread some holiday cheer, she decides to go visit her reclusive Aunt Flossie. The reception was far from warm and welcoming, in fact, it was downright nasty. After ducking the flying wreath she had brought as a gift and barely avoiding being shot, Claire has gotten the message. However, before she can leave, the sheriff arrives to present an ultimatum to Flossie--turn over her guns and clean up the stench from her multitude of cats or be forced to vacate the premises. With no one else volunteering to help the elderly lady, it's up to Claire to help get the old mansion back in shape. Will Claire find love in the arms of the sheriff who ends up volunteering his services too?

CHRISTMAS MOON by Gail Gaymer Martin

Rose Danby is a nanny working for a widower with four-year-old twins.  After having been convinced to move to Minnesota from California with them when Paul gets a job transfer, Rose realizes she has fallen in love with him.  Convinced Paul has no reciprocating feelings for her, she struggles with the decision whether to remain in Minnesota with the three people she loves most in the world, or to return to California and search for a mate with which to start her own family.  Is it possible that love may be right under her nose without her realizing it?

THAT CHRISTMAS FEELING is a two-novella anthology sure to put you in the Christmas spirit.  CHRISTMAS IN MY HEART by Catherine Palmer is a modern day take on THE CHRISTMAS CAROL and is one I will enjoy rereading many times.  The crotchety Flossie will quickly worm her way into your heart along with sweet Claire and kind Rob.  CHRISTMAS MOON by Gail Gaymer Martin is a warm novella of two people searching for something, and finding it right at home.  Grab a warm blanket, a copy of THAT CHRISTMAS FEELING, and a mug of hot cocoa and you'll be all set for an evening of pleasurable reading.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Sherri Myers

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